AckFUSS 4.4.0

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AckFUSS 4.4.0

Post by Kline » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:00 am

Author: Kline

ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

Wow, this was a huge version. I think it's got the largest changelog yet. Highlights? Stability. Sure there's new features and even a newbie school, but this build has ran solid for weeks on my development machine; it even has a clean shutdown in Valgrind (and no errors, to boot!). Some cool new things include a new death system (turn into a ghost), special charm items that grant passive bonuses by sitting in a player's inventory, and a few new flags to give builders better control over mobs and items/doors.

  • Fix in dam messages and charm checks.
  • Fixed a bug in peace(), make level 1 items not lose durability, NPC-equipped items not lose durability, and the chance to lose durability much less.
  • Cosmetic log fix for IMC, but importantly newbie school is DONE.
  • Added a notake flag for items to be able to leave items in a room as a reset, spawn on mobs gear that players shouldn't get, etc.
  • Added ch_printf from Smaug with printf-style type-checking, too.
  • Fixed a display issue with light wear slot.
  • 'Within' resets have been added, to allow spawning one object within another. within 1054 1055 5 would spawn up to 5 copies of obj 1055 inside of obj 1054.
  • Added a NO_MOB flag to doors to give better control of blocking mobs from places at an exit level, instead of per room.
  • Fixed practice segfaulting, yay!
  • Minor display fix in score when super flags are toggled.
  • Now sending all currently supported MSSP vars.
  • write_to_buffer() and write_to_descriptor() now take an optional size argument. If you need to specify a size, do so, as the last argument, otherwise it can be omitted and let the func determine the size itself.
  • Marks got an overhaul. They are now an STL list attached to each room, instead of a global list of room containers.
  • The Makefile now (dirtilly) has -Wno-write-strings to suppressed const errors at the moment -- it's a huge undertaking to update them when it hasn't caused problems (afaik) yet. They will be fixed; just not right now.
  • Moved clan out of pcdata to char_data; let mobs play a role.
  • All room/obj/mob fields should now clone (unless I missed something -- please let me know). This includes shops, extra descrs, everything.
  • Added a 'disable' command for immortals.
  • Removed some redundant code already handled in ctor.
  • Fixed an error in do_save() with displaying level checks.
  • No longer do any magic spells cycle the entire freaking char_list() just to send a same-area message.
  • Added in area_message() to message all PCs within an area.
  • Added -Wconversion too, luckily the code is already compliant, no fixes :D
  • Added -Wshadow to the Makefile and fixed things accordingly.
  • Changed new_descriptor() to use socklen_t vs size_t for the socket size due to OSX compat issues -- works fine on Debian, so hopefully it's good (more modern?) across the board.
  • Ripped out the hardly used pointer referencing system. Not sure what it did in the first place!
  • Removed mobprogs -- looking into Ruby or Lua to be embedded instead instead of a hack psuedo language.
  • Fixed quest liking to return !NPC targets for some reason.
  • Calor area is complete! Added in "charm" items. Different charms apply different bonuses (% based). Current charms available in Calor affect: exp, gold, melee combat, magic combat, regen, and hunger.
  • Added item level checks to quaff, eat, and drink. Zap and brandish already have these by virtue of having to equip the item first.
  • Added some item types for future use (professions).
  • Fixed a typo in SHOP saving format.
  • Fixed identify displaying 'reserved' spell on pots.
  • Fixed a bad debug message with do_give.
  • Improved output for exit flags in redit and rstat.
  • Pushed reward values back into the object for easy display with iquest.
  • Optimized loop for finding a quest mob based on top index.
  • Mis-labeled weapon values in buildtab, fixed an extra newline display in the auto quest system.
  • Some (int) -> static_cast<int>(val) updates to be more precise. Also fixed spec_cast_adept() to account for the current Christmas date.
  • \n\r -> \r\n -- We now do things "proper" :P Also removed a line of debug code I missed way back in channel history, oops!
  • Slightly improved performance on aggro mobs.
  • Groups now split xp evenly based on level / tot_level for all members. This also displays in the group command for all to see.
  • Anybody can now follow/group with anybody.
  • Weapons now load v0 (mindam) and v1 (maxdam) based on builder values.
  • Setting an obj level now gives it a durability of (level * 5) by default. This can be overridden with durability.
  • Rare objs get +15% stats in autoobj.
  • Fixed a display issue of long_desc objs using look.
  • Recall during DM now recalls to ROOM_VNUM_DM_RECALL instead of psuedo-random.
  • Updated some more common vnum defines, started making default zones to go along with it. (Etheral, city, newbie school)
  • Typo, Idea, and Bug now have associated monitor channels. So do routine logfile messages.
  • Removed more outdated free_list lists.
  • A lot of NPC-only fields are now in ch->npcdata similar to PC-only fields in ch->pcdata.
  • Ghost code! You die, drop corpse, turn ghost, can be rezzed (auto after 3-5m, by healer, or Cle spell)...Fun!
  • Updated "look in" for portals some. Fixed obj resets.
  • Exdesc autonewline fixes.
  • Newline append fix.
  • Fixed a crash in note writing. Adding more areas and vnum defines in config.
  • Re-organized a lot of code. Most C files are now have their own headers. Lots of dead cruft gone, too.
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Re: AckFUSS 4.4.0

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