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AckFUSS 4.4.1

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:14 am
by Kline
Author: Kline

ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

The "big feature" of 4.4.1 (aside from horribly incomplete Lua support ;) is that AckFUSS now ships with my newly written Areaconvert 1.0. Right now Areaconvert is only capable of converting ACK!MUD 4.3.1 area files to AckFUSS area files, but it will be expanded on to more bases as time goes on. For now, though, it should certainly allow a breadth of new areas to be added to your game if you can get your hands on any favorite (even stock) 4.3.1 zones. Rooms also have HTML-like "tags" to dynamically change the description based on certain criteria; check the helpfile for more info! All helpfiles are also included in this release! For everything I could think of! Melee combat now uses an offensive/defense cooldown system, and spells have actual "cast time" and suffer from "pushback" when struck in combat. So much new stuff! There's more, but this is getting long, read the changelog! :D

  • AreaConvert 1.0 created. It currently converts ACK!MUD 4.3.1 format files to AckFUSS. More formats will be added, both to and from, as I have time.
  • Minor warning fixes after a G++ update.
  • ch->send() Is pretty magical...Now if only it would warn on invalid foring :(
  • NAME() and PERS() macros gone, use target->get_name() or target->get_name(looker).
  • All do_ and spell_ functions are prototyped with macros to be more easily updated.
  • All header files were standardized.
  • Started a FAQ file :)
  • More prototype updates on commands, but most notably, char_data no longer has char* pointers, they are all strings. Yes, there is a lot of c_str() use for backward compat, but this is the beginning of moving forward -- one step at a time.
  • Finished with cleaning out char_data. All that's left in it are common PC/NPC fields, the rest are all in pcdata/npcdata.
  • Whew....Lots of changing to utilize ch->get_level(). It will prove invaluable down the road. Still more work ahead with this.
  • Added mbr_fun.c to hold member functions for classes. Added a few more functions to char_data().
  • Removed spec_tax_man.
  • Removing some more dead weight IMC code meant for other MUD bases -- don't need it!
  • Minor fix in db.c to get rib of ambiguity calling pow() in fread_float() on certain systems.
  • Entirely re-worked aggr_update() for efficiency. Larger games should see a noted CPU decrease.
  • ACT_REMEMBER mobs can now remember more than one person, and have an improved check (no more dodging them mid-tick).
  • All headers/includes were re-tooled/organized since I got bored.
  • All do_() commands now have a default argument of NULL, and only require a character to be called.
  • Added do_logins() for players to see their last MAX_LOGINS of successful login sites.
  • Added player domain whitelists, for players to enable/disable only logging in from specific domains.
  • Replaced all ch->lvl[] and ch->lvl2[] "magic number" references with the appropriate defines.
  • Minor updates to standardize output on all shop related commands.
  • Fixed a newline issue in sacrifice.
  • All Item Manipulation command helpfiles are going in with this commit.
  • All "action" commands have helps now -- onward to Item Manipulation!
  • Fixed a buffer overflow in do_report.
  • Corrected do_stance level checks.
  • Added #define values in config.h for classes, need to globaly use these some day (started with stance).
  • More command prototyping done, removed an obsolete "guild" command and helpfile.
  • 'Spells' now displays proper cast speed as calculated in 'cast'.
  • Finished adding all helpfiles for 'information' commands.
  • Rooms added to Lua, but crashing on some access. Committing now before I try a large re-org of how Lua lists are to try and fix this.
  • Ripped out the non-functioning (incomplete) structs/lists for area control by rulers. It will make a re-appearance, down the road, but for now it's dead weight.
  • Removed a depricated define (ACK_43). Added a safety check for the Lua dtor, initialized a few variables trying to sort out uninit errors with the mapper (still working this one), and corrected more display options that I missed in do_config().
  • Fixed an error regarding fgetc() in the IMC code. Added in_loc() to return the room of an object depending on carried/in_obj/etc status. Added non-blocking wait coroutine handling for players and objects to aid in scripting (think: timed delays), although the delays don't seem to process on objs yet -- need to look into this further, but comitting now before I forget everything.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow in hotreboot that only manifested on a few Ubuntu builds.
  • Moved Lua states into a lua_data structure with some tracking info. This allows for a single list of all active Lua instances to be iterated over instead of having to search the entire char, obj, and room lists each time we need to find something.
  • Minor display fixes on nosummon/novisit.
  • Obj data pushed over to Lua now.
  • Scripts now load/act properly on objs. Added an recho API function.
  • Exposed all pertinent values of char_data/pcdata/npcdata to Lua access.
  • Committing Lua 5.1 to be included, and pre-compiled. The library was built as "posix"; so it should feasibly run on any POSIX compliant OS without issue.
  • Forgot the doc updates. NOTE: LUA 5.1 IS REQUIRED TO RUN ACKFUSS NOW! This may require you to edit ack.h and Makefile to properly point to your own Lua install locations.
  • Fixed some issues with areas saving in the wrong place if the game wasn't started from the area dir.
  • Started work on a new zone.
  • Added Lua scripting support to players/mobs! It is very basic, and based on Nick Gammon's Smaug code, but except much more to come of this soon!
  • Removed tail_chain(). Really, we don't need it.
  • Tracking first boot in mudinfo now, because I can :).
  • 100% clean compile on Ubuntu now!
  • Stripped another depricated freelist.
  • Remove an erroneous command; add more helps.
  • Added "remort" for remorttalk instead of only "{". Some new helps, too.
  • Re-added death announces via INFO. Added some helpfiles. Redid the commands command (hah).
  • Allow Imms to always send tells to a player despite AFK status.
  • You can now help -find <help title> or help -search <word in help>.
  • Taglines are in for dynamic room/obj/mob descs. See the helpfile! Further commits will follow with more tags added.
  • More cooldown stuff added. Just need to make some functions to set them based on the const table, now.
  • Added initial framework for melee cooldowns. Added RMOD for fast casting, gives 15% spell haste. Gnome, Elf, Sidhe, and Elemental have this added to them.
  • Killed an extra newline in room affect messages.
  • Stop casting on recall or flee. Also added a silent stop to char_from_room() to catch things like transfer, summon, etc.
  • All const work done. Spells cmd now shows cast time in addition to mana cost. Mstat displays casting info.
  • Casting prompt token added, pushback fully added.
  • Fix for mudinfo, oops. Also stop_casting() on death.
  • Adding the first bits of pushback support, maximum controlled via sysdata.
  • Stop was added and stop_casting() to movement. No attacks in combat while casting.
  • Part of the skill table is updated for spells to use proper cast times, still have to finish most of the remort stuff.
  • Cast now gives feedback (player and room) and prevents casting if already casting.

Re: AckFUSS 4.4.1

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:00 pm
by keithmiller
Seems promising. Good work Kline :)

Re: AckFUSS 4.4.1

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:05 pm
by Zarius
Doesn't compile on Ubuntu 10.10

Re: AckFUSS 4.4.1

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:46 am
by Kline
You're welcome to submit fixes :) I do not use Ubuntu at all myself, and it will be some time before I have the free time to load it up in a VM for testing, sorry!

Re: AckFUSS 4.4.1

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:32 am
by Zarius
Ok I will