Should we be shielded from violence?

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Should we be shielded from violence?

Post by HarryJenkins » Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:47 am


The long and interesting thread on fox hunting has got me thinking; as we try and eradicate violence and violent pursuits in society, are we in danger of becoming more vulnerable and less capable of coping when violence occurs in our lives? When I was at school, fights were common place. There were incidences of bullying of course but scrapping was accepted as part and parcel of school life - you had a fight and then more or less forgot about it. It toughened you up and made you more capable of coping with violent events or traumas in life - kind of forging in fire. These days, it's my impression that people are a lot less capable of coping, emotionally, with violence or trauma in their lives. More and more people are seeking councilling and treatment for depression because they are unable to handle the pressures of life. I believe it is because many of these people never learned how to handle traumatic events when they were younger and so grew up without that extra bit of toughness and resilience that might have helped them deal with traumatic situations in their lives. More and more I see society being polarised into those who are vulnerable and those who prey on the vulnerable; those who have always been predators, right from the time they first attended school and picked on some kid, and found that they could get away with murder because their peers didn't know how to stand up for themselves. Violence is a fact of life, just because you are not a violent person it does not mean that you won't be affected by violence at some point in your life be it from a mugging, someone intimidating you, being burgaled, being bullied at work etc. etc. I believe that right from a young age, people should be taught how to defend themselves, how to stand up for themselves because without those sometimes hard but essential lessons, we leave ourselves very vulnerable when life takes a left turn on us.
Should we be shielded from violence?

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