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Current Status/ Features List

Post by Kline » Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:46 pm

This is the current working status / list of features in NAMS.

Items to complete before the initial release (version 0.0.1)
  • Color
  • Helpfile System
  • Login Screen Commands
  • Object Save/Load on Pfiles
  • Resets
  • Socials / Emotes
    Accounts contain multiple characters and simplify user management. Character
    names are only required to be unique to the account itself. Character management
    is integrated directly into the login process.

    NAMS currently supports over 100 configurable options. Configurable options
    include everything from memory management, login banners, prohibited account
    and character nanes, and more.

    Events can be set to trigger an action after a set delay period. Events can
    be created from anywhere: the game driver, plugins, or even room/AI scripts
    once added.

No External Dependencies
    NAMS is written and designed as a completely standalone game server. No
    external libraries or packages are needed beyond a standard C++ development
    environment (compiler, standard library files, etc).

Open World Structure
    There are no "areas". Each location is written and stored as its own
    file on disk. Locations can be grouped within any folder structure for
    ease of management (a folder per builder, a folder per "area", etc)
    if desired but it is not required. There is no restricted amount of
    "vnums" or other arbitrary limit on the size, or shape, of the game world.

    A Plugin API is provided to create objects that can be compiled and used
    separately from the game driver. Plugins can be dynamically reloaded in
    memory without restarting or rebooting the game drveir. Currently only
    commands are supported as plugins, but this will be expanded.

Telnet Options
    NAMS supports and will attempt to negotiate the following telnet options
    automatically with any client that supports them.


Unrestricted Movement
    Exits between "rooms" or "locations" as they are called in NAMS are
    unrestricted. There is no requirement that all exits be "north", "south",
    etc. Any word is an acceptable exit allowing for greater customization
    and immersion.

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